Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Painful Truth: Politics As Usual

The night is not over yet, but it looks as though the GOP has taken over the majority in the House of Representatives and has a solid half of the Senate. There are already pundits spinning this as a real victory for the right. Yet I am very afraid that little has changed tonight. There is not enough power for the conservatives to undo all the damage that has already been done over the last decade by liberal government spending and partisan politics.

Further, as I have read the comments of the talking-heads as well as the vitriol spewing over the net from both sides, we are absolutely determined to practice politics as usual. I am not seeing gracious victory or quiet defeat. I am not seeing a primary commitment to the welfare of our nation. I am not seeing humility and a brokenness for how we have done politics and business. Instead, I am seeing more division and self-interest rearing its ugly head. What some don't seem to see is that we are tearing this country apart as we sow hatred and disrespect between ideological factions.

It is difficult to know exactly how to form and uphold the rule of law, blind and neutral for all, while attempting to live for Christ. At some point there is a disconnect between the teachings of Jesus and the teachings of the founders of the United States. Eventually we are forced to choose which we will choose to follow primarily. Such a choice bears definite consequences. I believe that we cannot have an appropriate and viable rule of law without God's greater law and the grace of Jesus Christ. A law separated from the nature of God will necessarily be corrupted. Yet we cannot dictate belief or theology from the office of government.

I don't have the answers for this matter, but I can say this: It is our Christian duty (those of us who hope in Christ) to celebrate Christ and his eventual physical (and current spiritual) rule while putting no confidence in the flesh (or wisdom) of our rulers. I also believe it is our duty to be gracious and humble as conservatives have been elected, remembering that they were elected and can be unelected just as easily. We have won no great victory because we have not yet won-out over sin or human arrogance. Brothers and sisters, Let us remember that we deserve death and hell for our sins and yet we have a very good and faithful God who is not through with us yet. No matter how this election is finalized, let us reflect upon our ultimate ruler, Jesus Christ and give our allegiance to him and his will in our lives. Let us also remember to show kindness and mercy to those who have lost or presently find themselves negatively impacted by today's results. Please pray for our country and for all people involved in politics.

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