Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We Have Forgotten: War and Islamic Extremism Nine Years Later

WARNING! Unsettling images are included in this article.

I was reading in recent news that the U.S. is looking for its exit strategy in Afghanistan. Some within our nation believe that our work is done there. They want to see an end to a long, expensive, and negligibly effective war. I can appreciate their frustration. Further, we have been convinced by the media that we are not welcome there by the populace and that we are doing more harm than good.

Yet not everyone wants us to leave. The International task force, led by the U.S. have made changes as we have removed the Taliban. But I would suggest our job isn't done. The Taliban still holds much sway over the people of Afghanistan. They continue to recruit from throughout the Muslim world and they continue to fund terrorism.
Hamid Karzai, the Afghan president, has openly considered a truce with the Taliban once the U.S. troops have left, effectively inviting them to stay within the nation and continue to operate. Obviously Karzai has not cared about their human rights infringements. He is not concerned about their interpretation of Sharia Law. He and our government do not understand the effects upon the world that leaving that country will have.

Muslim extremism carries with it the stench of death and destruction. Conversion at the end of a sword, brutal punishments for minor or perceived infractions, merciless persecution of dissidents, male preferentialism, world terrorism, and hypocrisy can be expected by its adherents. The damage done by its worldview has been and will continue to be catastrophic.
We, who are sheltered in the U.S., are fortunate not to see the effects of the Taliban's extremism on a daily basis. Because of our safety and separation from war, we have forgotten how easily it can bring us to our knees. But if we do not continue to stand and fight for basic values - goodness, freedom, human rights, compassion, etc. Not only will they continue their reign of terror over there, they will target us again and again until we give up the fight entirely. Our response must be as unendingly resolute as their attacks.

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