Wednesday, December 30, 2009

12 Days of Christmas Bible Quiz

O.k., so I'm a little behind. Here are the first six of twelve Bible quizzes to keep you entertained. I found these over at biblical studies blog The questions will be followed by a number of hints that should clue you into the answer. Try to answer them all before checking the answers in the comments section.

1. This city had two names; another city was built by an old inhabitant and called by one of the names.
2. “The terror of God” fell on some cities near it.
3. Before the temple was built, a feast to the Lord was held yearly in a town just to the north of this city.
4. A famous judge visited it, and two friends passed through it together.
5. Sacrifices were offered there, both to Jehovah and to an idol, and idolatrous priests dwelt there.
6. When a company went up against it "the Lord was with them "; one of its citizens betrayed it to the enemy.
7. A vow was made there.
8. A woman was buried there, and h famous palm-tree grew near.
9. A young king met three men on their way thither and received a gift from them.
10. Spoil from the Amalekites was sent to the elders there by a king.
11. Three miracles took place there, on the same day.
12. A priest from Samaria, who had been taken prisoner, came and dwelt there.
13. A traveller sat down to rest under a tree near it.
14. Forty-two people were killed there in one day, but not in battle.
15. A prophet was sent there who foretold the birth of a good king.
16. One who had just visited the city met with sudden death.
17. The ashes remaining from idolatrous vessels that had been burned, were carried there.

1. He was born in a city which had been given to a brave soldier.
2. He was very handsome.
3. A question in three words was asked him by a woman; it was precisely the same as that which once greeted a prophet at Bethlehem.
4. He made a great feast, with captains, princes and a priest among the guests.
5. A friend of his once said to a king: "Thou lovest thine enemies and hatest thy friends."
6. He made two requests of his relations, the first of which was granted.
7. One of his brothers was defeated by the army of a "man of war."
8. Another received a present from a queen.
9. The son of a priest brought him alarming news when he expected good tidings.
10. His father lived for a time with a prophet at Naioth.
11. He went to the tabernacle, but not to worship.
12. A prophet complained of his conduct.
13. He was killed by a “man of rest."
14. At the time of his death a prophecy was fulfilled, spoken when Samuel was a child.

#3 Scripture Enigma: This is a word puzzle - There are four clues, the answers to which are words. The first letter and last letter of each word, from 1-4, read down, will spell-out two words that are titles of Christ. The first of these two words has to do with his sacrifice, the second his reliability as deity.

1. This was sent by David to Joab; was spread out before the Lord in prayer by Hezekiah; was sent out in great numbers by Ahasuerus, first to condemn a nation and then to reverse that command.
2. One of two brothers who drove the oxen when the Ark of God was being brought back by David.
3. An expression of gladness and rejoicing. It is mentioned. on Saul's return from battle; in the service of the Temple; and at the worshipping of Nebuchadnezzar's image.
4. A king of Moab who sent for a soothsayer offering great promises of reward.

1. This verse describes a journey very unwillingly undertaken.
2. The unwilling traveller was one of a large company, but he parted from all his companions on arriving at his destination.
3. When he returned the same way it was on a sad errand, and with a large attendance.
4. People of three different nationalities are mentioned in the verse.
5. One of the persons named makes enquiry afterwards for "men of activity." He had very large property in land.
6. Another, who was very handsome, once made use of this expression, “Am I in the place of God?"
7. A business transaction is described in the verse.
8. A military office of some importance is also mentioned.
9. One of the persons named, though a heathen, received “the blessing of the Lord” on his house.
10. Some of the people mentioned had just come from a country named in Jer. viii.; their great ancestor had been promised Divine blessing and God was with him as a child. He had married a wife from the country named in this verse and his sons had towns and castles.
11. Quantities of golden earrings were taken, years after, from the descendants of these people.
12. The country spoken of is compared by Jeremiah to "a very fair heifer." The same prophet also threatens the destruction of its idol-temples with fire. Isaiah prophesies woe to it, but foretells that in the end its people “shall know the Lord."
13. The grandfather of one of the persons named in the verse was forbidden to go into this country.
14. The verse is the first in a chapter, and contains thirty-three words, six being proper names.

1. A fugitive passed through this city, when flying for his life.
2. Another fugitive started from it.
3. It was in the inheritance of Simeon.
4. Two defenceless travellers were once in great distress close by it.
5. A large party of travellers came there and offered sacrifices to God.
6. A grove was planted there.
7. A patriarch lined there.
S. Another patriarch saw a vision there.
9. A well was dug there.

1. He received “a present of silver and gold.”
2. He accepted a suggestion made to him to break a promise.
3. He prevented a town from being finished.
4. A wicked king sent him a very wise warning.
5. He fell into a sin mentioned in Gal. v. 21.
6. He escaped from danger on horseback.
7. He acted upon a rash proposal and suffered for it.
8. His enemy said of him, “He is my brother.”
9. He suspected treachery among his servants.
10. He sent a handsome present to a man whom he had tried to take prisoner.


Steven Douglas said...

Answers: #1 - Bethel. Answers to clues: 1) Jud 1:23,26; 2) Gen 35: 1,5; 3) Jud 21:19; 4)1 Sam 7:16; 2 Kings 2:1-2; 5) Gen 35:14-15; 1 kings 12:32; 6) Jud 1:22, 24-25; 7) Gen 28:19-21; 8) Gen 35:8; Jud 4:5; 9) 1 Sam 10:3; 10) Gen 30:26-27; 11) 1 Kings 13:4-6; 12) 2 Kings 17:28; 13) 1 Kings 13:14; 14) 2 Kings 2:23-24; 15) 1 Kings 13: 1-2; 16) 1 Kings 13:24; 17) 2 Kings 23:4.

Steven Douglas said...

Answer #2 - Adonijah. Answers to clues: 1) 2 Sam 3:2-4; Josh 15:13; 2) 1 Kings 1:6; 3) 1 Kings 2:13; 4) 1 Kings 1: 24-25; 5) 2 Sam 14:5-6; 1 Kings 1:7; 6) 1 Kings 1:51-52; 2:17; 7) 2 Sam 17:26; 18:7; 1 Chron 28:2-3; 8) 1 Kings 10:10; 9) 1 Kings 1:42-49; 10) 1 Sam 19:18; 11) 1 Kings 1:50; 12) 1 Kings 1:24-26; 13) 1 Kings 2:23-25; 1 Chron 22:9; 14) 1 Kings 2:26-27; 1 Sam 2:26-36.

Steven Douglas said...

Answer #3 - 1) L ette R (2 Sam 11:14; 2 Kings 19:14; Esther 3:13; 8:10)

2) A hi O (2 Sam 6:3)

3) M usi C (1 Sam 18:6; 2 Chron 5:13; Dan 3:5)

4) B ala K (Num 22-24)

Spells: LAMB (Ex 12:3-14), ROCK (Num 20:11; 1 Cor 10:4).

Steven Douglas said...

Answer #4 - Genesis 39:1.

"Genesis 39:1 Now Joseph had been taken down to Egypt. Potiphar, an Egyptian who was one of Pharaoh's officials, the captain of the guard, bought him from the Ishmaelites who had taken him there."

Answers to clues: 1) Gen 39:1; 2) Gen 37:25; 39:1-2; 3) Gen 50:5-7; 4) Hebrews, Egyptians, Ishmaelites; 5) Pharaoh, Gen 47:5-6, 20; 6) Gen 39:6; 50:19; 7) Buying a slave; 8) Captain of the guard; 9) Potiphar,Gen 39:5; 10) Ishmaelites, Gen 38:25; 17:20; 21:20-21; 25:16; 11) Jud 8:24-26; 12) Jer 46:20; 43:13; Isa 19:1-10, 21; 13) Isaac, Gen 36:1-2; 14) Gen 39:1.

Steven Douglas said...

Answer #5 - Beersheba

Answer to clues: 1) 1 Kings 9:1-4; 2) Gen 27:42-45; 48:10; 3) Josh 14:1-2; 4)Gen 21:14-15; 5)Gen 46:1; 6) Gen 21:33; 7) Gen 22:19; 8) Gen 46:1-2; 9) Gen 26:32-33.

Steven Douglas said...

Answer #6 - Ben-Hadad. Answers to clues: 1,2) 1 Kings 15:19; 3) 1 Kings 15:21-22; 4) 1 Kings 20:10-11; 5) Drunkenness; 6) 1 Kings 20:20; 7) 1 Kings 20:23-25, 29; 8) 1 Kings 20:32; 9) 2 Kings 6:11; 10) 2 Kings 8:7-9; 6:12-13.

Anonymous said...

A quiz only a Seminary student could love. ;-)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Patrick said...

Why go to a seminary when you can learn these scriptures at home.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Steven Douglas said...

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for stopping by. Obviously, one does not need to go to seminary to read and memorize Scripture. And, if our churches were doing their jobs, we would have very little need for seminaries indeed. Yet, as it is, seminaries exist to teach how to interpret Scripture, to interact with the doctrines of and the thinking on/implications from Scripture, and learn how to be a more effective communicator of Scripture.

R. Albert Mohler, Jr. has said that he wished the seminary didn't have to exist and wants to train up church leaders to that end.