Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Pledge Allegiance to Myself and to the President of Obama-Nation.

. . .And to the commune, for which it stands. One nation, Obama-led, indivisible, with hemp clothing and bicycles for all.

Here is a disturbing video found on You tube. This video - "I Pledge" - is supposed to be played in the public schools alongside President Obama's speech to schoolchildren today.

This video is a great example of liberal propaganda at its finest. These people are committed to changing our society into a utopian human construct and protecting our planet. These are noble sentiments indeed. But how do they plan on creating such an ideal place? By "smiling more" and "never giving the finger." By "not using plastic bags" at the grocery store and trading in their traditional "obnoxious" cars for hybrids. These stars are also committed to giving money to and stumping for liberal, U.N., and government run charities. By changing their actions, these celebrities will usher in a new era of prosperity - salvation itself!

The ultimate example of liberal snobbery is their utter devotion to Barack Obama. The celebrities' final pledge is to "be of service to Barack Obama." The initial and closing scenes are of an idealized image of Barack Obama, stoically facing the future.

This is the image of an "Obamessiah," a man elevated to a sort of god-hood, expected to rid the world of ignorance, suffering, and unhappiness, if only those backward conservatives would leave him alone! One gets the distinct impression from the video that these people believe that this is the true belief, the one way to achieve human happiness and fulfillment.

This is the height of idolatry, reminiscent of Roman Emperor-worship. But even as Obama is emperor of the moment, these celebrities are worshipping themselves. They look to themselves and their wealth to achieve utopia. They have forgotten that it is not they, themselves, who gave them all they have. Just as Israel forgot Yahweh, even as he saved them from Egypt, these people have forgotten He who formed them. They give no praise to God or mention of his works, his blessings, his Church, or his Church's work.

This president is a far cry from Bush and his "faith based initiative." This president is unapologetically humanistic and government-focused. Government, his government, shall not fail in their purpose. Change is coming and he asks you to be that change. Throw off any dedication to your creation myths and your theistic superstitions. Join the ranks on ranks who pledge support to one man - Barack Obama - and his government may bless you with bread you did not earn and the waters of dependency. Be the change and you will bless yourself!

This is a bankrupt ideology. While there are some "good" intentions within these pledges, there is no deeper meaning or purpose underlying them than living for oneself. The appeal of the video is to do the right thing, but we are not told why it is right or why it is important, except that through doing what we are told, we may be "on this planet forever." Certainly there is no understanding (or love) here of God's Laws or his character. This is a man-centered, and thus futile, philosophy.

Humanistic idolatry has come full circle - The same religion of self-worship that led the Israelites into sin and exile has taken words from Christianity and reformed itself from the ashes in a new cloak of piety. Now, only if we worship at the throne of Obamessiah, only if we cry out to the government upon his shoulders, only if we humble ourselves before him, will he hear us from Washington, give us pragmatic half-solutions, and heal our land.

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