Monday, September 21, 2009

Carter on Political Disagreement and Racism

Following is a video clip of former President Jimmy Carter as he gives is speech on the innate racism that he believes underlies vehement disagreement with President Obama and, specifically, Rep. Joe Wilson's recent outburst.

There is some wisdom in what Carter said, but I certainly disagree that either Joe Wilson's or others' disagreement with Obama were racially motivated. I agree that President Obama should be treated with respect, but that does not mean we should not disagree with him where he is wrong.

We do have a problem in our nation, likely brought on by the internet: we are far too vitriolic in our disagreements and use of words. While that needs to change, I don't see this as being a racial problem. I saw many comments on forums and postings in which people said horrible things about George Bush that they would never say in public. I also wonder who these people are who "do not believe that an African American can be President"? I have not met one yet. I think most people think a person of any ethnicity is capable of the office of President. Individuals, however may or may not be, and certainly some viewpoints have more merit than others. Barack Obama has accepted a Socialistic agenda, and the American people should not have to agree with it.

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