Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Illegal Immigration And Local Gang Activity

There has been a debate in recent years over whether or not illegal immigration would hurt our economy. The assumption was that those who crossed into the U.S. from Mexico, Cuba, and other countries were only looking for a "better life." These people were then compared to the forefathers of our own citizenry.

What we have not been told about, however, is the rise in gang activity due to immigration. When it is talked about, we are generally led to believe it is the Southwest's or Florida's problem. That is not the case. Salvadoran, Mexican, Cuban, Guatemalan, Columbian, and Puerto Rican gangs are all very active in almost every state. Their activities have included drug trafficking/dealing, rape, mutilations, robbery/theft, and murder. Much of their crime has been perpetrated against U.S. citizens. William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration said to WorldNetDaily, "Many illegal aliens have a rape and pillage mentality toward America. The government has shown them they can break our laws on many levels without much fear of enforcement." Further, wars between the gangs have spilled over from South/Central America to the U.S. Certain gangs have specialized in especially brutal means of torture and murder. The Salvadoran MS-13 gang's favored execution device is the machete. Many of these gangs have been trained in guerrilla warfare tactics.

These gangs have spread, amongst the illegal immigrant population, to all major cities and even smaller towns. You are as likely to find them in Iowa as in L. A. Recently, Shelbyville, a small city in Kentucky, sounded the alarm over gangs who have set up a drug ring there. Shelbyville police are ill-equipped to deal with the encroaching gangs or the violence they are sure to bring. Police in Kentucky are bracing for the start of a war between two Mexican factions - the "Federation Cartel" operating out of Louisville, and the "Gulf Coast Cartel" out of Lexington.

If the police are worried about a war, shouldn't we be? We are not running into the same old gangs; street thugs who have no centralized leadership; these are highly organized groups with ties to cartels and educated business organizations who will stop at absolutely nothing to control territory and make money on drugging our nation. There is even some evidence to suggest that these gangs have rigged several local elections within the United States in order to keep law enforcement blind to their activities. Mexico is being ripped apart by these gangs, and their economy has virtually collapsed as they have lost needed tourism revenue and communities have shut down from fear of the gangs. The gangs rule much of the nation. We still have an opportunity to stop the same fate from befalling the U.S.

How? Here are several practical steps. First, stop glamorizing gang activity - don't watch or buy movies or video games that support or glamorize gang related activity. Keep your children from becoming involved with these themes. Second, call your local police headquarters and ask what resources they have about local gang activity and what practical steps they have taken (and suggest for you to take) to work against the gangs. Third, take gun safety courses and/or martial arts classes. learn how to handle yourself and a weapon in a difficult situation (especially women). Some communities require special permits to own handguns - check with local authorities. Fourth, Assemble a local gang taskforce with the police (if one does not already exist), find ways to serve the task force and the community. Fifth, Start a community cleanup group - get other responsible people to help and start removing graffiti, picking up trash, tutoring, building safe park playgrounds and community gardens, and other means of restoring pride in your community. Help those who cannot afford to keep their houses up. Sixth, write your senator or U.S. representative and ask them to vote for more funding to close our Southern borders. If we cannot police our own populace, we should find ways to slow the influx of invaders. Seventh, ask your local police and our government (again through your senators and representatives) to better police our populace and deport those who are here illegally, particularly those who have been caught doing other criminal activity.

In short, proactively demonstrate your commitment to a nation that believes in law and grace. We do not have to go down the same road as Mexico. Without your involvement, however, it is inevitable.

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