Sunday, February 1, 2009

Update on Southern Seminary

Louisville is slowly recovering. Tree removal service and electric company trucks have descended upon the city and have been making headway. Many of the blocked streets have been cleared and power is being restored block-by-block and house-by-house. It is a process of "fits and starts" because ice-laden branches have continued to fall and cut off newly restored power.

Home Depot stayed open 24 hours each day for several days to sell heaters, generators, salt and shovels by the shipment. We workers were brought on in staggered shifts to handle the mass of constant customers. Generators at the seminary have kept students without power in their apartments warm in the makeshift campus shelter. Work crews have been clearing destroyed trees and masses of snow and ice.

Today, the temperatures warmed, releasing many of the trees from their icy prisons and enabling people to get out and do more work. We will get through this, but Louisville will not be the same. It is hard to find a single mature tree that did not suffer significant damage.

Please continue to pray for the relief crews and the people without power. Many people have been hospitalized for carbon monoxide poisoning. Please also pray for our seminary students as we try to minister to our communities. Thank you.

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