Monday, February 23, 2009

Pakistan Enters Truce with Taliban

On Saturday, Pakistan agreed to a ceasefire with the Taliban residing in its Swat Valley. Sadly, it seems to be the Taliban that is calling the shots in the new truce. According to an Associated Press article, the Taliban is only willing to continue the truce beyond ten days if the Pakistani government concedes to their demands.

This is not the first time the Pakistani government has lost out on brokering peace deals with the militants. Each peace deal has been broken. Even this deal, recently cemented, has already proven itself to be a farce. The same day of the ceasefire, a roadside, I.E.D. bomb was detonated on a road often used by U.S. and NATO forces. One was killed and two wounded.

The article lists some of the atrocities committed by the Taliban in the Swat Valley. "Taliban fighters in the Swat Valley have beheaded opponents, torched girls schools and terrorized the police to gain control of much of the one-time tourist haven . . . Hundreds have been killed and up to a third of the valley's 1.5 million residents have fled. . ." Westerners are also being targeted for kidnapping and murder.

The Pakistani government is being led around by the nose. The Taliban have turned on their own people, their own countrymen, and have caused untold harm. Why the Pakistani government is willing to negotiate with these militants, rather than exterminating them, is unclear. Pakistan is also unwilling to let the United States Military bring war upon these obviously evil men.

Pakistan, our ally! Please wake up! These men, the Taliban, are not your brothers. They seek to destroy your freedoms and your peace. They will take whatever you offer them and turn to attack you. Their word is meaningless. We have seen the same from the leaders of all extremist groups - Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc. These men will not stop their Jihad until the entire world has submitted to their idea of Islam.

A couple of questions for our Pakistani friends: if "Islam" means "peace with God," should not those men who claim to adhere to Islam best be marked by peace? Is it not ironic that these strict adherents to Islam, men who hope for rich rewards in Heaven, are killing Muslims and preventing other Muslims from enjoying prosperity in life? After all, the Taliban is not only targeting westerners and non-Muslims.

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