Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Program

Now that I am operating several blogs (The Yodeling Rabbit, Cuttings, Douglas Musings, and For His Glory: New Heights Baptist Church), I have found that they take a lot of time. These are added to my already busy schedule of reading and writing for my classes, ministering in several capacities at church, working part-time at The Home Depot, and looking for a full-time job. To add to this, we are expecting our first child. Ah, a day in the life. . .

Needless to say, there is a lot of energy going out that is not bringing many returns, and that's fine. But to help stave off some of the costs involved, I have decided to enter into an affiliates program with Amazon. I will only be offering books and they will mainly be books that I have reviewed and found useful. I am not going to turn my blog into an ostentatious supermarket for "stuff." Rather, I will be placing pictures of these books on theology, philosophy, apologetics, history, etc. These will link to Amazon, and if any of my readers find the book equally interesting and useful, and decide to buy it, then I get a small percentage kick-back for the advertisement.

Do not feel pressured to buy through my links, but if you see a book reviewed on the Rabbit that you were already planning on buying, please buy through my link. Also, I will not be receiving any of your information, so there is no need to worry about anonymity or somebody having your financial information. This will certainly not make me rich, but it makes the blog a little more interesting to me! =;}

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