Monday, February 9, 2009

Mexican Drug Cartels A Long Way From Home

In recent news, Mexican drug cartels have been operating within the United States. According to an Associated Press article, this has been going on for a period of years. These people have been kidnapping, threatening, robbing and murdering U.S. citizens. Where was this information during the big debates over the possible legalization of illegal aliens living within our borders?

The fact is that we do not know who is living and operating within our borders. We have not adequately policed or protected our borders. Now we have foreign interests pushing illegal drugs (along with sex slaves, etc.) and killing Americans within our own cities. This is not some esoteric possibility in some little town of South Texas. Phoenix, Atlanta and Birmingham have all seen violence and murder due to these cartels. Anchorage, Souix Falls and Boston are drug dealing hubs. No part of the United States is currently safe.

This is not a situation that we can ignore and hope that it will go away. I suggest more people buy guns (before President Obama makes the process more difficult) and learn to defend themselves. We should also organize neighborhood and town watches, work with police on rooting-out possible drug cartel activity, and help patrol the borders with police-sanctioned local militias. Make an armed presence felt in your neighborhood and you will help to prevent not only drug cartel activity, but other gang activity, robbery, rape, and other crime.

Freedom is never free and it is not only the soldier who dies for his country. The fight has been brought to our doorstep. What are we going to do about it?

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