Monday, January 19, 2009

Nuclear North Korea

In recent headlines, North Korea has announced that it has enough weaponized plutonium to make five nuclear warheads. It has also, conveniently, announced that these warheads are off-limits to outside inspection. Even without inspection of its claimed nuclear capabilities, we must assume the threat is real. North Korea is one of a number of countries that most of the world agrees should not have these weapons. They have remained a threat to Asia since we left Korea, splitting the country in two.

It should be noted that the announcement comes as Bush prepares to leave the White House. It appears as though the North Koreans are counting on a softer response from Obama. The question is, should we? President-Elect Obama has promised to continue the war effort until it is reasonable to pull out of Iraq/Afghanistan. But it seems as though now is the time to invade North Korea, or at least to support our allies to do so. Korea must be stopped dead in its tracks as soon as it makes its threat lest we be made a laughing-stock. We cannot afford to allow North Korea to call the shots.

Iran. another rogue nation, has indicated its willingness to pursue nuclear energy and arms. It, too, must be stopped. The problem with Iran is, if we attack them, will it appear that America is attacking Islam? If so, a third world war may soon follow. No president looks forward to being a "wartime president," but when that legacy falls upon an individual, that one must pick up the mantle of responsibility and run with it the best he can. I encourage all Christians to pray for Barack Obama and for our world. Let us pray that China's communist government falls and liberty takes over. If that happens, North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela will lose their main power source and we might gain a great ally in the fight against terror.

Another smart move would be to open new trade agreements with Russia, including inviting them into both NAFTA and NATO. This would prevent them from moving back toward communism while allowing them to save face. It would also push China ever closer to Democracy. Please write to your senators and representatives to push Barack Obama into talks with Russia and with China. Please also pray for the wisdom and righteousness of all of our elected leaders.

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