Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Five U.S. Presidents

President-elect Barack Obama met today with the four surviving previous presidents for a private lunch. This must be an incredible experience to meet with these men. Regardless of the field, the opportunity for an in-coming leader to meet with the four people who held that post before is worth its proverbial weight in gold. When the post is the presidency, that opportunity is invaluable.
Before the lunch, at a photo-op, George W. Bush said, "One message that I have and I think we all share is that we want you to succeed. Whether we're Democrat or Republican we care deeply about this country. "All of us who have served in this office understand that the office itself transcends the individual." He added: "We wish you all the very best, and so does the country."

I certainly share that sentiment. While I have been clear that I do not trust Barack Obama, I do hope that my fears are unfounded and I hope that he will do well as president. Take a good look at the above picture. What a wonderful and momentous time we live in, where there is evidence that our nation finally believes that all men are created equal.

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