Monday, December 1, 2008

Back in the 'Ville

We are back in Louisville after our holiday vacation to see family in Minnesota. The realities of life are quickly asserting themselves again. We are settling back into the grind of work, reading and tests.

I went with Jenny's family to church on Sunday morning and found the sermon to be very helpful. The pastor preached a topical-expositional sermon on Exodus 11-12, using these chapters to distinguish between those who are disobedient (Pharaoh and the Egyptians) and those who are obedient (Moses and the Hebrews). He said that obedience is often difficult, but God is faithful to reward it; while even though disobedience is easy, the punishment will bring hardship. He called for believers to remain obedient. Lastly he offered four helps to the Christian to keep them from disobedience and dejection in the Christian life: 1) Scripture devotions, 2) Prayer, 3) Wise counsel from other believers who have experienced similar situations, 4) Trusting God to guide circumstances.

This sermon was timely for me. I am looking forward to implementing those areas where I have been lacking, and trusting in God for the results. I want to be faithful in everything God brings my way.

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