Saturday, November 1, 2008

Obama's Aunt in United States Illegally

In a recent news article, it was revealed that Barack Obama's aunt, Zeituni Onyango, requested asylum in the U.S. in 2004; a request that was denied. Rather than leaving the country, however, she applied for public housing in Boston and has been there ever since.

I do not find this surprising at all. First, I do not find it surprising that the system handling these matters is broken. The article was very conservative in stating that there may be as many as 10 million illegal residents in this country. Other studies have shown up to 36 million! These people affect our economy, our education and health care systems, and, dare I suggest, our elections.

Second, it does not surprise me that: 1) Obama did not do anything about this before he entered the race and 2) He did not volunteer the information. He has a family member who has been and is continuing to break the law and by not dealing with it or declaring it, he has been complicit in it.

Third, this situation does not surprise me because it is consistent with Obama's stated policy goals, to change the legal status of those who have moved into the country illegally. Now we see that he has a personal stake in that change. I seriously cannot see why anyone would want to vote for a man who is a liar, a cheater, a communist, supports breaking protective laws or doing-away with them completely, and supports home-grown terrorism and other audacious acts of anti-governmental community "organizing."

I would urge people to vote for McCain, but sadly, he is only better by degree. I sure wish we had had other, real, alternatives. I can't imagine either of these guys being in the oval office.


Bob McCarty said...

As I pointed out in a post at my blog this morning, this news raises several questions, including:

* Will “Aunt Zeituni” be deported immediately?

* Will she be or jailed for a time until she can be deported?

* Will she receive aide from her nephew, the Democratic Party presidential nominee — perhaps in the form of a legal storm that attempts to delay her deportation until after inauguration day when, he hopes, he’ll be able to grant her asylum request?

* Will she reveal information about the birth of her nephew in Kenya in exchange for a reversal of the ruling that denied her asylum request?

Though it's a day late to qualify as an October Surprise, I hope John McCain can make "hay" out of it -- and soon!

Steven Douglas said...

Hey Bob,

Thanks for stopping by. you raise good questions . . . and advertize expertly ;)

Stop by any time.