Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dear Democrats

Here is a letter to the editor at the American Thinker blog. I think it is important, so I will reprint all of it here. Then I will comment on it.

Dear Democrats:

Congratulations on your victory. As a conservative I am disappointed with the outcome of the election however, unlike Democrats over the past 8 years, I will not relentlessly continue the campaign and I will not actively try to destroy our new president as you have done on a daily basis since the 2000 election. I will not throw childish tantrums that we have been witness to over the last 2 elections and their aftermath. Your triumph has been 8 years in the making and it is a sweeping victory. You now control all 3 branches of our government.

As a conservative I understand that life is not fair and that politics is a blood sport and that often the end justifies the means. The means by which you have achieved this victory are obvious. The Democrat campaign was one of style over substance and emotion over logic and this time, with the enthusiastic assistance of the media and an economic October surprise, you have prevailed and you have made history. That’s the good news for you.

The bad news is as follows. You voted for higher taxes. You’re going to pay them too… just like me. You voted for more government and less freedom. You voted for cuts in military spending as we fight 2 wars against a committed enemy. You voted for the same people and policies that have devastated the housing market and our economy. You have given the reins of power to the most under qualified, inexperienced and dubious candidate in our lifetime. This is not debatable. You chose an unknown quantity over a giant who has spent his life in service to America and who in the words of your own standard bearers has the right stuff for the presidency.

All that being said, what is done is done. Enjoy your victory, but as the euphoria fades, remember the ball is now in your court. There will be no George Bush or any republicans to blame now. It’s now time to put up or shut up. I for one will give President elect Obama and this new administration the benefit of the doubt but I and my conservative brethren will be watching closely and if and when things go awry we will know exactly where to lay the blame. Congratulations.

Good luck and God Bless
Robert Weir, Jr.


First off, Mr. Weir is absolutely right on almost every one of his points. This victory for Dems has been prepared for over the last eight years. Dems have not forgiven Republicans for the Gore loss. This election was a knee-jerk reaction for them. It really didn't matter to them which Dem got into the Oval Office, as long as a Dem got in. The fact that all three branches of government is controlled by liberals should make all conservatives shudder - which is exactly the point. They are finally free to pass all kinds of immoral bills. Why immoral? Because liberalism itself is a movement that has sought to empty Scripture, and all language, of meaning. Liberalism thus results in a redefinition and relativizing of all truth and therefore moral absolutes. We are talking about Postmodernism.

Postmodernism won the day in this election. Many people voted for Obama because he was black, or because he was the democratic candidate ("emotionalism over logic"). Unfortunately most of those voters do not know where he stands on important policies, or the history or scope of the thoughts he has espoused, and have done themselves a disservice. That brings us back to Weir's article. He is right that Obama is largely untested and unsupported, and has zero experience in tackling the governmental minutia that will be thrown his way. He is an activist and a legislator, an idea man. Unfortunately it is his ideas that are problematic.

Mr. Weir is wrong when he says that there will be no Republicans to blame now. The problem with our culture in general, and liberals in particular, is that they are reactionary. There will always be someone to blame, real or imagined. Bush and other current Republicans will be a target for anything that goes wrong in the next Presidency, some of that may be well-founded, but most won't. That will not matter, however.

Mr. Weir is also wrong in how he approaches his letter. He said that he "will not throw childish tantrums," but he negates that when he writes, "It’s now time to put up or shut up . . . I and my conservative brethren will be watching closely and if and when things go awry we will know exactly where to lay the blame." That is not helpful to any discussion, and is really an unveiled, insulting jab. He puts on a false grace.

I will not do the same. I will be open in voicing my fears that this presidency is going to do more harm to personal freedoms and religion than any other ever has. Part of the problem, however, is the people of this nation. They have been seduced by the television and the internet, and care more about Britney Spears' latest blunder or having a black president, than understanding the real ideas, their history and implications, that are at stake. We are a shallow people.

I must also say I am ashamed of the Republican Party for not supporting anyone better than McCain, who did not offer enough of a difference to Obama in policy or ideas, thus allowing the race to be about . . . race. I would also suggest that Christians should get away from being tied to the Republican Party only. We need to make our votes about the issues. We really didn't have a candidate in this race.

While I am almost completely opposed to everything Obama stands for, I will say this, what's done is done. We have elected a leftist into office and we will have to deal with that. We will have to carefully proceed as a nation and not just blindly follow this man (just as we should not blindly follow Bush, or any politician). I would encourage all people to really dig into and wrestle with his ideas. Then see if his policies are worth supporting. If they are, great, if they are not, we must find ways to block them (which will be difficult with mainly Dems in Congress). We have our work cut out for us.

So, with that said, I offer a real congratulations to those who voted for Obama, and to Obama himself. But I also request moderation. Let us work together and not just pursue politics as usual.

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Jenny and Steve Douglas said...

I agree with your comments about the letter by Weir. He makes some good points, but like you said the problem isn't just the Democratic party - but our culture. When I got through the letter I was pretty irritated. It was just so passive-agressive and sarcastic. I think he negated most of what he was trying to say with his tone.