Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Barack Obama Articles

This post provides a list of links to all the articles I have written concerning Barack Obama. They are listed from newest to oldest. I will update this list as I write more about him (if I write more about him).

Rush Limbaugh on Obama: "I Want Him to Fail" (3/4/09): Rush Limbaugh speaks about Barack Obama's leftist ideals and how they will irrevocably change our nation.

CNBC's Rick Santelli's Chicago Tea Party (2/23/09): A video clip of Rick Santelli on the stock exchange floor, talking about an alternative to Obama's plan for relief.

An Oaf of Office? (1/22/09): President Obama and Chief Justice are lampooned, wrongly, for the hiccup during the inaugural oath of office.

Barack Obama's Inauguration: A Critique (1/21/09): The inauguration was full of pomp and circumstance, but a close examination of the symbols and the prayers shows their bankruptcy.

Five U.S. Presidents (01/07/09): President-Elect Obama meets with four prior presidents for lunch.

Public Concerns over Inaugural Prayer (12/31/08): Barack Obama throws Evangelicals an olive branch with his selection of Dr. Rick Warren for one of three inaugural prayers, to the chagrin of the homosexual community.

Barack Obama Mimics Bush (12/02/08): Barack Obama renegs on his stump promises.

More Christian Perspectives on Obama's Spirituality (11/21/08): A link to a post on Justin Taylor's, Between Two Worlds, that includes links to several articles.

Barack Obama's Concept of Religion (11/19/08): A link to an article on Andrew Dyer's blog, Discover Life, detailing Barack Obama's responses to questions concerning faith and religion.

The King Is Dead, Long Live the King: Barack Obama Wins the Presidency (11/10/08): A post on the pros and cons of the new president-elect, and a call to prayer.

Mike Huckabee's Response to the Election (11/10/08): A link to a video of Mike Huckabee's response on his new show.

Dear Democrats (11/07/08): Barack Obama has been elected and this is a response to another conservative's response to that.

Obama's Aunt in United States Illegally (11/01/08): Barack Obama's Aunt, who had been denied asylum by a court in 2004, was 'discovered' living in public housing in Boston.

Planned Assassination Foiled (10/28/08): concerns the federal crackdown on two alleged white supremicists and questions the propriety of wiretapping by the Bureau of Homeland Security and other federal departments.

Thomas Sowell and The Real Obama (10/15/08): Author and pundit Thomas Sowell writes about Obama's past relationships and voting record.

This Is the Big Deal Concerning the Election (10/02/08): Obama will select Supreme Court justices who will interpret and define and enforce laws. But their law does not supercede that of King Jesus.

Unbiased Media? (09/30/08): Stephen R. Hurst writes about the perceived future economy under Obama or McCain.

Obama's Economics ("Obamanomics") (09/28/08): A post on Obama's leftist leanings and a link to an article on Parchment and Pen.

Another Race Card (09/22/08): Problematic polls, racial perceptions, and Obama's campaign.

The Race Card (09/21/08): A problematic poll concerning racial profiling and Obama's campaign.

Obama's Culture of Death (09/20/08): Obama's support for partial birth abortion and, tentatively, infanticide.

A Brief Thought on Christians and Politics (08/11/08): This post is not directly concerning Barack Obama, but it concerns Christians in politics and how politics should be done.

Hit and Run Politicking (7/21/08): Details the source of the general media bias toward liberal candidates.

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