Thursday, October 2, 2008

This Is the Big Deal Concerning the Election

If no other issue were important in this election (and there are so many), the appointment of judges should be our criteria for nominating the right presidential candidate. In the absence of the "right" one, we should choose the lesser of two evils. While I don't believe him, McCain says he will appoint conservative judges akin to Samuel Alito and John Roberts, men who seek to support an original intent of the Constitution, rather than taking a revisionist or anachronistic approach.

Obama is clear that he wants liberal judges appointed, and why shouldn't he? They would support anything he and the liberal majority congress decide. According to the article linked-to above, Obama has cited a number of liberal concerns (abortion, affirmative action, reproductive rights, etc.) he would want appointed judges to express "empathy" on. Yet the notion of empathy, attempting to commiserate with a person from their perspective, is the opposite of what the judiciary is about. Justice is supposed to be "blind," seeking not emotional appeals but the facts. Obama has a revisionist view of the judiciary and seeks to push-through a non-traditional and, IMHO, an anti-Christian agenda.

Christians should be concerned about this. Obama has expressed his disdain for Evangelicals and will certainly oppose them, chiseling away their rights, through passing congressional bills and appointing antagonistic judges. The judiciary is probably the most important battle-field because they are appointed for life, rather than for terms. This means we could be dealing with the same liberal judges twenty or even thirty years after their appointment. Let me be clear: we Christians are poised to be opposed by the entire Federal system. But, before we start freaking-out, we should remember that it is in opposition where Christianity shines. Our weakness and our inability is what God delights in using to show his strength.

We should oppose Obama's election, but even if he is elected, there is hope (a knowledge that brings peace and courage) that God will use him, the congress, the judiciary, and the populace according to his own will alone. Even while those who are anti-Christ erode rights and destroy the traditions and faith of our nation, Christ prepares to show his victory!

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