Saturday, October 11, 2008

Richard Sibbes on the Sinful Nature

Richard Sibbes, in his sermon, The Soul's Conflict with Itself, writes of people who refuse to wrestle with and overthrow their sin. On this topic, he little differentiates those who are Christians but carnal, from those who are not Christians at all.

There is a natural conflict in the affections [desires], whereby [the sinful] nature seeks to preserve itself, as betwixt anger and fear; anger calls for revenge, fear of the law binds the soul to be quiet [to not declare its true desires]. We see in the creatures, fear makes them abstain from which their appetites carry them unto. A wolf comes to the flock with an eagerness to prey upon it, but seeing the shepherd standing in defence of his sheep, returns and doth no harm; and yet for all this, as he came a wolf, so he returns a wolf.

May we all examine our hearts and destroy our sin lest we become ravenous wolves who desire to continue in that sin.

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