Thursday, September 4, 2008

Where's the Logic?

The British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), responsible for advertising movies and other products, forced the removal of a number of ads for the Angelina Jolie movie, Wanted. In one ad, Jolie is draped over the hood of a car in a sultry pose. The ASA's complaint? She's holding a gun. The ASA felt the ad glamorized the use of guns and violence.

What I find interesting is that they had no problem with the pose of the actress or the inherent sexuality of the image. If we are talking morality, here, why is gun use so much worse than fornication? Where's the logic?

The answers lay within a worldview that has taken over Great Britain and is taking over America as well; Humanistic Socialism. This is not the humanism of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries which stressed the understanding of earlier cultures and languages, giving rise to the modern scientific age. This humanism is rather the post-Christian and postmodern belief system that the self is of utmost importance. Society is, then, a collection of selves that must work together to reach a form of human utopia. This system brings with it a unique morality which is antagonistic to the Bible and almost all Christian thought. Because the self is most important (rather than God), anything that limits the self is an evil (including biblical morality). Sex is an expression of the self, so it should not be limited; murder and violence, however, do limit the self or another's self, and therefore is also an evil.

With this humanism in view, it becomes clear what logic the ASA is operating under. We can also be sure that through this seemingly odd censure, the ASA shows itself to be an enforcer for the spirit of this age.

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