Sunday, September 28, 2008

Obama's Economics ("Obamanomics")

Here is a link to a good article on C. Michael Patton's blog concerning the conclusion of Obama's economic interests. I will throw in the following rant for free: Right now, our nation is factionalized and there is a heavy contingent of young people who are sick of key situations that have been brought about by the current administration. They are also generally liberal in their values and their desires. Yet, unfortunately, many of them are historically, theologically, and politically illiterate. They do not recall, or they do not care, about the struggles of even 25 years ago. They are prepared to elect Barack Obama as president of the United States, but they are not prepared for what they'll get.

Just as within the Republican party, there is a wide range of ideologies that are represented within the Democratic party. The Clinton's represent a decidedly leftist position (essentially moderate Socialists). Barack Obama's position, however, makes the Clintons appear centrist. Obama is admittedly for the redistribution of wealth. At least one of his mentors, Frank Marshall Davis was a communist. He has ties to leftist, extremist, community organizing through John L. McKnight and was trained by the Gamaliel Foundation (a group with Socialist and Communist ties) in community organizing. If you remove his Humanistic man-centered anti-Christian morality from consideration (a huge factor for me), you are still left with a man who, if power is obtained, will sell America's capitalistic soul for a quick fix. This is a huge claim and some may say it is sensational, but if we look at how socialism has played itself out around the world, it has always resulted in national economic decline and collapse.

Study the philosophies of your representatives and your nominees. Study the history of the world. To know your past will direct your future. None of the ideas we are wrestling with in this election are new. None of them amount to a fresh approach in the history of the world. What is different about this election is that we are debating a shift in the very fundamentals of how this country will go about the economic enterprise. If he were elected, Barack Obama's economic ideals would cause Adam Smith to roll over in his grave.

It is not my desire to play politics as usual. I do not want to promote a Republican as a knee-jerk response. In fact, I am no fan of McCain at all. He is a moral liberal. He is, however, a fiscal conservative and a decided capitalist. While there has certainly been a hiccup in our economy, capitalism works. It aims both the good and bad intentions of humanity toward economic growth instead of stagnation. If a person is greedy for gain and wants to get ahead, they must create something for which there is demand. If someone wants to help other individuals, they can create organizations to do so. Both are only limited by the market itself. In socialism, both are limited and strictly controlled by the government. The government will decide who is allowed to work and at what.

Obama cannot bring us under communist rule within four or even eight years, but he may sufficiently erode the foundations of Capitalism (not to mention make the free practice of religion far more difficult) within the U.S. and make communism a very real threat. This is not intended as a scare tactic or a conspiracy theory; only a warning. I do not like the Republican alternative, but he is the lesser of two evils in the grand scheme. While he undermines our history as a country soundly built within a theistically (generally Christian) influenced milieu, he at least supports the economic philosophy that was linked to it and which made this nation the global powerhouse it has been. Why should we give that up?

Let me just make it clear that I hate politics. I hate the false piety of the candidates and the shameless pandering for public support. I hate that all too often logic, reason, and intuition are cast out the window in many circles, and are replaced by the madness of rabid, partisan, emotionalism. That the nation is so divided by a two-party system is a shame upon us. There are no real winners, because every decision of whoever is nominated will be publicly scrutinized and ripped-apart by talking heads who lean the other way. Each side is opposed by their own Charles Gibson or Rush Limbaugh. Sadly, these politics are creating an intolerant, self-seeking, and factionalized society which blindly follows a candidate because someone else says so.

So, take this as my not saying so. Stop and think why you are voting for who you are. What are the lasting policies that this candidate will put in place and what effect will it have on the nation overall? Don't listen to the talking heads; study for yourself. And please don't let this election, or any other in the past or the future end dialog between conservatives and liberals.

Lastly, let's all work to start finding other parties as alternatives to the two-party system. Let us revitalize politics by not glamorizing it, and by holding our politicians accountable (while extending a modicum of grace, recognizing that they are only fallen and sinful men and women). This nation can still be a great one. Economics and morality, while often played against each other, are the building blocks to a great society. Let us focus on these two spheres and rebuild our crumbling nation.

Unless something major occurs, this will be the last of my Obama sniping. I still consider myself an "equal-opportunity" political sniper.

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