Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ike Paid Us A Visit

Tropical Storm Ike swung through Louisville last Sunday. I thought we might get a little rain from it, but did not bargain for what we got instead. First, there was hardly any rain to offset the drought-conditions we have been experiencing the last several months. Second, we had severe straight-line winds that knocked over many trees and more than 600 power poles, disrupting power to over 310,000 homes. Most of greater Louisville was affected. At the seminary, we banded together to help each other out and conserve what resources we could. The seminary itself put on meals for the students left on campus. It was humbling to be served food by the president, Dr. R. Albert Mohler and his wife, and other faculty members. This really is a caring community that values its students. School is canceled until Monday.

My wife's boss had asked me to mow his lawn while he and his wife were out of town for a few weeks. They lost a lot of large branches in their yard, but gladly no mature trees (of which they have many) and sustained no damage to their house. I hauled branches in their yard yesterday and have to return to cut them up and band them.

Here is merely a glimpse of the sort of thing everyone is dealing with.

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