Monday, September 22, 2008

Another Race Card

I don't know exactly what is going on over at the Associated Press (AP), but someone's pushing an agenda. A second poll with similar methods and results is being used to support the claim that there is a big divide between whites and blacks, which will then sway the results of the election. We are seeing the first inklings of the "blame game," just in case Obama loses in November.

Sadly, the second round of polls being used (actually another part of a larger poll that also includes the poll from the previous article) reflect the same poor logic and misguided questions. First, let's examine the more unseemly poll question. "How much . . . racial tension . . . do you think blacks are responsible for creating?" Surely this is not a loaded question that automatically lets whites off the hook and puts blacks on the defensive (please note sarcasm)? The results are not surprising. Most whites answer that blacks are responsible for "some" or "most," while Blacks respond "little" or "none." The nature of the question rigs the answer.

The truth is, of course, that there are both whites and blacks that are responsible for keeping tensions alive - whites who attempt to ignore the situation and isolate themselves, and blacks who agitate and will not let the tensions be resolved (although even this is an over-generalization, there are whites and blacks on both sides). Rather than accusations and guilt, honest and forthright dialogue is the key to resolving tensions. That dialogue is uncomfortable but essential.

The problem is not race or, as stated in my last article, subculture, the problem is sin. Individuals from both white and black subcultures hold onto resentments, bigotry, and feelings of superiority. Until those sins are willingly revealed and given up, there can be no true attempt at reconciliation. As long as the self reigns supreme, there can be no real fellowship.

This understanding of the situation, however, stands in direct opposition to the Liberal cause which is humanistic at heart. The self is supreme, a god if-you-will. No one may challenge the individual's supremacy or ego. This is the new cultural sin. But this supremacy is a disgraceful shadow of real splendor. There is nothing regal in holding onto and hiding sin. There is only inevitable shame and defeat. Yet the unbeliever, who stands opposed to Christ, generally cannot see this and refuses to change.

Those of us who claim the name of Jesus Christ must be the ones to drop the empty philosophies of our culture, admit sin, and strive to create true harmony across racial lines. There is nothing more humbling than having one you once considered your enemy hold you accountable to right action. That is the power of God's grace and the challenge I offer to my Christian brethren. If you have faith, that faith must transcend all human boundaries.

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