Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Is Afghanistan Really Better-off?

Northern Afghanistan, particularly, has returned to a condition of local warlords and corrupt police officers and officials. Criminals now rule. Where there is little U.S. protection, there is little help for victims. Child rape cases have increased exponentially since the fall of the Taliban. In an article by Aryn Baker, one father sold two of his younger daughters [into virtual slavery] in order to attempt to bribe officials sufficiently to bring justice for the rape of his eldest daughter. He said, "I will sell all of my children if that is what it takes to get justice." It didn't work. In fact, he found that one of the police officers he had bribed was one of eight men who raped his daughter.

The U.S. forces in Afghanistan say we need good lawyers to enter the country (just as we need them here) to help build up the legal system and crack down on the bribery. Many of the people are so sick of the current conditions, that they have expressed interest in a return to the Taliban's Sharia law. "If the Taliban were still here, that rapist would have already been executed by now. . . If there is no law, and the government does not listen to people's complaints, then it is better to go back to the Taliban era. At least then we had justice."

One need has been identified. We need moral and courageous lawyers to go to Afghanistan to help change the system. We also need, however, to be praying for that country as well as for Iraq and Iran. The darkness and evil in these countries is shocking. Pray for God's restraining grace to keep the crime and victimization at a minimum. Pray for missionaries to answer the call to these lands. Pray for the Christians already in these countries to reach out and soothe the pain of their neighbors despite the dangers. Pray for lawyers to go. Pray for wisdom for our military commanders. Pray that the corrupt officials will turn from their wickedness or be removed from their positions. Pray that God would open them up to the Gospel and that many would turn to Jesus Christ for salvation.

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