Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Blog Division

I have decided to split this blog. As readership continues to rise and publicity continues to grow, I see the need for increased privacy. The Yodeling Rabbit will continue to bring my views on theology, philosophy, and politics. All landscaping/plant/animal related material will be found on Cuttings, my landscaping blog. All personal information and small events/rants will be located at Douglas Musings, currently Jenny's erstwhile blog. The occasional big personal event will likely find its way to the Yodeling Rabbit, though. I want to thank all my readers for continuing to support this blog and for helping it grow so well in just over a year.

My desire for privacy does not reflect a transgression against my greater desire for transparency, only that I realize that things can be misconstrued and confused. I have found that there is far less dialog and honing than I expected in blogging. So a point I make, or an event I publish stands on its own. Therefore, some things must remain between me and the friends and family who know my heart the best. I will be keeping the Yodeling Rabbit public. I will keep Douglas Musings public for the next few weeks, please stop by! After that, I will make that blog private, open to invited readers only. If you desire to be included, please email me at or follow the instructions that e-blogger details. Again, thanks for making this a great blog. It is my prayer that it will be more focused and therefore even better!

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