Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Reversal of Our Cold War Victory?

Many of us remember when the Soviet Union crumbled and seemingly overnight instituted Democracy. The shock and surreality of the announcements on television stuck with me for years. The Cold War, which I had known my whole life, was over.

It seems as though Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, wants to revive it. He is initiating a deal with Russia to purchase up to $2 Billion worth of weapons including submarines, bombers, and possibly tanks. These are to be purchased, ostensibly, for the express purpose of defending its national sovereignty from the United States. Could it also be that he intends to initiate a conflict by attacking (a second time) neighboring Colombia, a nation that is under U.S. protection?

It is certainly obvious that Chavez's intention is to spread Communism throughout South America and is taking a threatening posture toward the U.S. The question becomes, however, what are Russia's intentions? Is Russia considering a return to Communism? Putin's threats of not so long ago certainly savored of that notion. My prediction is that we have not seen the last chapter on Communism in the Americas.

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