Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Israel Relents

In a very disappointing move, Israel has released a number of Arab terrorists and soldiers held captive for years, including one accused of murdering a civilian man and his daughter. In return, they receive two of their own soldiers back . . . dead. Unsurprisingly, the U.N. brokered the deal.

It is unclear as to why Israel would make such a concession. The release of the Arabs is the cause of national celebration in Lebanon, proving again that that country rejoices at misery and death poured out on Israel. With this move, Israel opens itself up to more attacks and kidnappings for Lebanon to initiate more transfers. The state of the Israeli soldiers, undiscovered until they were dropped-off at a Red Cross checkpoint, is a travesty.

It is now known that these Israeli soldiers were captured alive and were killed, possibly after torture, by their captors. Why Israel continues with the transfer is mind-boggling. Lebanon and Hezbollah have disregarded the Geneva Convention and any notion of human rights. How dare they cry out to the international community that Israel is unethical or an aggressor! The world should rise-up against nations such as these, who celebrate murder and injustice.