Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Interesting (and Deadly) Things Found While Landscaping

I started a new landscaping project today, which involved removing a lot of weeds from a bed and moving out some decorative rocks. Before I picked up the largest rock, I decided to turn it over and check for black widows, just in case. Here is what I found.

There was a black widow! I guess that's why you check! The red hour glass is quite visible. And she was not alone.
this little guy is a male black widow. They had produced about five large egg sacs that resembled onion bulbs.
After removing her from her web, she crawled across the driveway to hide under my shoe. Not the wisest place for her to hide. She did not regret the decision for long, however.
Needless to say, I took my time and was far more careful about removing the weeds from that point on. I am bringing heavy gloves for the rest of the project.