Monday, July 21, 2008

Hit and Run Politicking

In recent headlines, the Project for Excellence in Journalism has accused the majority of American news agencies of political favoritism when it comes to air time for each presidential candidate. Their research, sadly, still was only aimed at the two main-party candidates, McCain and Obama.

In response, NBC News President, Steve Capus, remarked that it is "funny this is an issue considering how much people have accused the press corps — and still do — of being too cozy with McCain. The Arizona senator had been a frequent guest of 'Meet the Press.'"

Yet we may still see favoritism at play here. Not for a certain individual candidate, but for an ideology. The media does not care if the Democrat is a Clinton, Gore, Obama or McCain, as long as the candidate represents the Liberal ideal. McCain received much coverage because he was, and is, a very Liberal Republican. But his views are still relatively conservative compared to Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Therefore, the general media will shift focus, and airtime, away from him. This has been true for Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Hillary Clinton, and we can expect it to be true for Barack Obama as well.

The news is just one means by which the media empires intend to influence this country. And it's working. Through Liberal ideals depicted in television shows, through skewed reporting, and through movies, our culture is subtly but undeniably changed. Remember the shock that occurred just over eleven years ago when Ellen DeGeneres "came out" as gay? The Gay community and the media have been increasingly pushing the normalcy and benefit of that lifestyle over the airwaves ever since. Neil G. Giuliano, President of Gays and Lesbians Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) said, "Ellen coming out ten years ago kicked off a tremendous decade of visibility for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, Ellen opened the closet door for [other] shows . . . and for other out performers to live their lives openly and honestly. We know that with this kind of visibility comes understanding and acceptance."

While homosexuality is not the main issue here, the media has certainly been chipping away at our moral foundations for years, and in the name of entertainment. It even has sought to inform our political choices. By glossing over other candidates and giving tremendous airtime to one, the media practically ensures a win for that candidate. In this way we may also see the connections between Liberals and Socialists. Control the media . . . and you control the masses.

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