Wednesday, June 25, 2008


This summer has been marked by transitions. I left the landscaping company I had been with for two years, was laid-off from the next landscaping position I held and now have been laid-off from the fencing and deck company I have been with for only two short months.

I am also experiencing encouraging transitions in other areas. Our church has been stretching me by giving me plenty of opportunities to serve, with hands-on projects and substitute teaching in different classes. Our pastor, Cody McNutt, has asked me to read Scripture in the service and has asked me to preach on an indefinite later date. These experiences make me nervous, but happy.

I am also getting more into writing. I am currently working on an academic paper on the nature of Christ. I hope to link it to this blog before classes start in August. I also received a paper on the Holy Spirit back from my Systematic Theology III class. I thought it was a pretty good paper so I will link to it. If any have the patience to read through it, I would appreciate any and all comments, whether positive or negative. Please read the "Rabbits Rules on Yodeling" before posting comments. Thank you.

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