Saturday, June 7, 2008

Politics Anyone?

Before this, I have generally stayed away from commenting on politics. One of my friends called me up and asked if I had blogged on the recent not-so-secret Obama-Clinton meeting. So I thought I might in a round-about way.

The reason I generally stay away from politics is that it isn't often an overtly moral topic. Yet, as we all know, there are certainly moral implications associated with it. Certain key issues such as homosexual rights, abortion, rights to dignity and life, cloning, the war, etc., have generally kept Christians on one side of the aisle or the other.

There are also beliefs that can lead one toward one party or the other. Republicans have mixed religious beliefs, but their overarching theme is to be conservative-what is my belief will stay my belief and no one else's. Democrats on the other-hand, somewhat like socialists, desire to enforce certain beliefs and actions through governmental means. Unfortunately, many Democrats do not hold to a biblical creation account and move away from biblical morality. Morality, for these individuals, is a construct of society and is malleable. Morality is different for every generation. For those who believe (as I do) that morality is dictated by our creator and is based on a changeless set of principles, a shifting construct is absolutely untenable.

So what does all of this have to do with Obama and Clinton's meeting? I am not sure. I do not agree with either of their fundamental views and do not trust their decisions. I am sure Hillary Clinton will do anything to move through the ranks to receive ultimate power and Obama would be foolish to accept her as Vice President. She cannot truly serve a man, and serves only her own ambition. Obama strikes me as a straightforward man, but one who does not value faith.

McCain is one of the most Liberal Republicans out there. I do not know what drives him, but I do not agree with many of his views. I was unhappy when he received the Republican nomination.

One of the main reasons I have stayed off of politics until now is that I see little difference between the three candidates. I will liken them to batteries. You can buy Rayovac, Energizer, or Duracell. They all do the same thing, and have the same power-life. Further, they are all owned by Rayovac! Yet they are pitted against each other on account of perceived buyer loyalty. some like Energizer better, some like Duracell, but there isn't any difference. Here we have three candidates that have similar beliefs, similar desires, and similar voting records. Yet one is a Republican and two are Democrats in different clothing. To tell you the truth, I don't think there is going to be a whole lot of difference between how any of these candidates will run the country.

With any of them, we can expect: an end of the Iraq war, pro-homosexual/abortion/cloning/stem-cell research philosophy, a draw-back of government support (what little there is) for faith-based programs, and a further removal of personal freedoms which includes one's choices of and right to bear firearms. With the two Dem choices we will also see a significant tax increase.


Anonymous said...

Rayovac is owned by Spectrum Brands, Duracell is owned by Proctor and Gamble, and Energizer is owned by Energizer Holdings.

Plus there is a big difference on how they are made and how they perform.

Timothy L. Decker said...

Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party all the way! He is the only choice for the conservative voter. Unfortunately, no one knows about him. Others also don't want to be a "no-vote" by voting for someone who likely does not have a shot to win. Well he would if conservatives would vote for him! I am not going to limit my freedom to vote for some democrate under the guise of a republican just to keep the more liberal of the two out of office. I am going to vote my conscience and who I believe has the best moral values to get the job done! The only worthy candidate is Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution party (largest 3rd party in America).

Steven Douglas said...

Is this a new development? As of a few years back the information I received was as I posted.

Timothy, please post a link to some info on Mr. Baldwin on this thread.

Steven Douglas said...

Thanks anonymous. You were right and I am sorry I did not do my homework. I am not sure where I piced up the misinformation. There's a lesson for me.

Despite that, I still think there is little political difference between the three people mentioned.

Timothy L. Decker said...

Check out Baldwin here:

Check out this video of Baldwin on abortion: