Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pictures from Mississippi

Here are some photos of our experience in Lakeshore, MS. It was so hot that when I walked out of an air conditioned area, I instantly started sweating and my glasses fogged-over. We men stayed in this beautiful quonset hut, for which some of us built bunk beds.

Our camp included a main dining hall where meetings and meals took place. Here's a pic.

Due to prior construction experience, I was placed over a team of workers. We had to redo some of the drywall work of a previous group in a trailer-home and then primed the walls. Here are some of the members of my crew, hard at work. The heat was stifling.

Another crew worked on similar projects in a house. They also had to redo the drywall joints because the previous group had used mortar mix instead of drywall compound - cement on the interior walls! They primed, and even textured the ceilings. Our pastor, Cody, and the Youth leader, Daniel, worked on hanging vinyl siding.

Here are the youth and their leader, Daniel, waiting for the bus to take them back to camp for dinner.

Lakeshore, Mississippi was destroyed by a storm surge associated with Hurricane Katrina. The beach, a half-mile way, was hit by a wall of water 60 ft. deep. By the time it reached the Lakeshore Baptist Church building, it was still 40 ft. deep. It swept homes right off their foundations. Here are pictures of some of the damage.

The first picture is that of a local Catholic church that weathered the surge amazingly well. Yet only the frame and roof remains. The second picture of rubble is the remains of the original Lakeshore Baptist Church building. Whatever was still standing (and there wasn't much), was bulldozed. Now the rubble is home to really big spiders.

The last picture is of the present Lakeshore Baptist Church. Their plan is to wait on rebuilding their church until the rest of the community is restored. A noble goal indeed.

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