Saturday, June 7, 2008

Five Years!

Today is our fifth anniversary. I cannot believe five years has gone by so quickly. It seems like just recently Jenny and I were strolling down the board-walk in Kona-Kailua, Hawaii on our honeymoon. These years have had their struggles (especially financially), but we have enjoyed the process of growing closer and fostering faith in Christ together.

My wife is such a blessing to me. She really is, in many ways, the Proverbs 31 wife. She has influenced my thinking and my actions. I once was a self-centered, impulsive, and irritable person . . . and now I am less impulsive! ;) Seriously though, I am a far better man because of her. Her faithfulness in so many areas allows me to focus on ministry, work, and my school-work in ways I couldn't otherwise. She makes me a better servant to Christ and to others.

I have watched her grow as a godly woman, too. She has come out of her shell and become someone that other women admire, even using her as an example of what to do or how to act. She has modeled service, love and commitment to all around her. I love her wacky sense of humor, her desire to understand how other people feel, and her desire for practical application of theology and philosophy (which has rubbed-off on me). She is such a unique and lovely person. God blessed me in a way I do not deserve!!!

Last night we dined at an interesting Latin restaurant called "Seviche." Very tasty. I ordered the pecan crusted sea bass with a cranberry cous-cous and a lemon-butter sauce. Jenny ordered the Pollo Asado (grilled chicken) served with a mushroom risotto and a tomato-lemon sauce. Both were excellent. We also had wonderful desserts. my rum-infused flan with dulce de leche (caramel) topping was unbelievable.

I am looking forward to the next five years . . . and beyond!


Ben said...

Congratulations! Marriage is really great, isn't it! Cheers, Sasha

Steven Douglas said...

Indeed! Thanks!

wherever HE leads we'll go said...

Happy (belated) Anniversary! Glad to hear you had a nice night out together - I know those times can be hard to come by when you have such busy schedules.

Nice tribute to Jenny. : )

Hope you are both doing well!


Steven Douglas said...

Thanks Dawn, its nice to hear from you. We miss you guys.