Wednesday, May 28, 2008

An Update 5/28

Thank you, faithful readers, for continuing to check-in. I have been working with a fencing and deck company and working on a couple of ongoing landscape projects recently. Our project at New Heights Baptist Church is coming along. We have removed sod from around the front of the church and in the circular median. We have tilled in fresh dirt and compost, planted our plants and are now ready to mulch. A project I thought would take a couple of days has ballooned into a week's worth of work days.

I am also working on an article dealing with the nature of Christ. It will include considerations of who he is, his role, and his existence (past, present, and future), along with biblical support.

I am also taking a trip in a little over a week with a church group down to Mississippi to work on continuing Katrina relief. Thank you all for bearing with my busy schedule this summer. I am looking forward to sharing the fruits of all these labors with you. I also am hoping that, afterward, I will have some time for more writing.

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