Monday, May 5, 2008

All Wrapped Up

I have finally finished this semester. It was a good one but it seemed to drag-on forever like no other semester has. I believe I did quite well, but only the final grade in a month or so will tell. I am looking forward to finding that just right job now and working through the summer. I will also be taking at least two trips; one to Mississippi to help with Katrina relief and rebuilding through our church, and then up to Minnesota and Wisconsin. I can't wait to do some shooting and a lot of swimming.

I plan to start blogging again soon, but it may not be immediately. I am doing some landscape contract work this week. I have also decided to start writing more scholarly articles about assorted theological issues (Thanks for the inspiration, Tim). It is also my hope to get a few more contributing writers on the blog. Hope to see you all soon. Blessings.

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