Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Our Friends Are Moving.

O.k., one more before my mini-hiatus. Jenny and I have been uniquely blessed here in Louisville. Many friends and family will recall the troubles I had with the Seminary (particularly in its atmosphere and administration). But we have been blessed with many very good friends. They have kept life bearable while everything else seemed to fall apart. God knows what each of us need, and he knew we needed strong shoulders.

One couple in particluar, Jon and Becca Blomker, have been less like friends and more like family to us. They accepted us very quickly and opened their home to us through "Soul Group" meetings through our church. Jon would have wonderfully heated debates with me (which I love, of course), while Becca and Jenny bonded over ministries, recipes, Bible studies, babies, and all sorts of other things. We have been able to minister to each other through both easy and hard times.

Jon, Becca, and their little ones, Micah and Josiah, are moving to Kansas City within two weeks. Jon got news of a job early, and they are anxious to start ministering to people there. We are absolutely heart-broken that they are leaving us, but are happy that they will be able to start the next phase of life. They will be sorely missed (but, if you guys are reading this, we will call and try to schedule a trip or two).

Here is a picture of the whole Blomker family.

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