Friday, April 25, 2008

Interesting Things Found While Landscaping (4)

The other day I was power-washing a deck and saw a most unusual sight . . . a type of hawk moth (pollinating moths which fly at high rates of speed and can hover in front of a flower like a hummingbird) which had markings very similar to a bumble bee. It was uniformly dark, chocolate, brown with definite yellow stripes across its abdomen. It was about 2 times the size of a large bumble bee.

There are many types of hawk moths and I have seen hummingbird moths in Minnesota. Those are about the same size and coloration of a hummingbird. These moths are beautiful, although in some cases their caterpillars, known as hornworms, can be destructive.

This picture, which I found online, shows a similar species with somewhat different coloring.

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