Friday, April 25, 2008

The Dollars and Sense of Illegal Employment

I have a couple of hit-and-run blog entries to make, and I will have to make them brief.

In a recent article, Richard Belzer, a consultant for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, urged caution in a planned Homeland Security crackdown on illegal workers and mismatching Social Security numbers. The study finds that the firing of workers with mismatched numbers could result in the loss of a large number of legitimate citizens' jobs. The low number was placed at 37,000 jobs. He also placed lost wages (again at the low end) at $8 Billion. This means that the average pay of these workers (for whatever unspecified time they are out of work) was over $216,000.00 Must be rough. So what are these (legal) high rollers doing with mismatched SSID's in the first place?

Next, the crack down may also also severely affect employers to the tune of an aggregate $1 Billion a year. That tells me too many companies have begun to depend on illegal workers for cheap labor and are pursuing business from a problematic philosophy. The bottom line strikes again!

Despite the financial hit, during an economic down-turn, the right thing to do is to prevent illegals from being hired. They are, after all, illegal. Why do we offer non-citizens the same rights and opportunities as our own citizens. While this is still the land of opportunity, it should be so only to those who come in legally and can therefore be legally paid better and enjoy true rights under our laws.

There is a flaw to unrestrained Capitalism; it can become predatory. This is less a fault of capitalism, however, than that of sinful humans who practice it. Socialism is far worse. As I have stated before, the best way to manipulate the market is not through artificial government controls, but with our wallets. Let us be intentional and philosophical about how we spend our money. Why is this product cheaper than others? Is it because the manufacturer found a new and cheaper way to manufacture it, or a better way to ship it? Or did they hire a number of illegals who they can force to take far less money than a citizen? Purchase food and products and hire construction/landscape companies that you know were not influenced by this poor business practice.

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