Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Another Funny Sign

I have some quirks. I'm willing to admit that fact. One of these is the love of interesting signs; the ones that are out of the ordinary, sappy, snarky, or wierd, but get the point across. Here is just such a sign.

This is posted on a truck-loading ramp at a warehouse that we pass on our way to church each Sunday. I always imagine that there is a stubbly, crotchety old man just inside the door, waiting with his shotgun for the first (and last) infringer. And that could very well be the case (this is Kentucky after all, people). I took the picture from the next spot over. =;}


Timothy L. Decker said...

I love funny signs too. My favorite are funny church signs. I have some good ones. If you want, I can email them to you.

Steven Douglas said...

Please do!

Timothy L. Decker said...

Just one problem, I don't know your email address. If you click on my profile, I have a link that shows my email address. Send me an email so I will have yours.