Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our Sex-addled Culture and the Gospel

Notice: If the headline didn't tip you off, this article is a little risqué. The link is as well.

Well, its official. Our culture has become a sex-saturated, hormonally-driven cesspool. I came to this realization today when I noticed a Yahoo News article describing the rise to fame and fortune of Ashley Alexandra Dupre, the now-famous call girl who sold herself to New York Governor, Eliot Spitzer.

It seems that she was poised to earn a $1 Million contract with Girls Gone Wild to make a video for them . . . until they found out that she had already done a series of videos for them for free! Because she signed a legal document releasing all rights to Girls Gone Wild during a college spring break trip, they have plenty of material to now make plenty of money off of web videos of her with other college women.

Girls Gone Wild is not the only one knocking on Dupre's door. Hustler magazine also offered her $1 Million for a spread, but are not optimistic about her involvement. It seems she is already too important. Book and movie deals may already be in the works and she stands to gain multiple millions of dollars . . . for being a prostitute.

In our society, you don't have to be rich or powerful to become rich and powerful. You only have to publicly proclaim that you had sex with one who is. What is it about illicit sex that seems to have everyone's attention? With the latest polls showing that a full one-quarter (and it is suspected to be higher) of high school-aged girls have an STD, the sexual crime rate on the climb, and the median marriage length at only 11.9 years, what's so exciting?

I would suggest that the excitement is not sex, but sin. Our citizens are chasing after anything with a shock factor, and there are plenty of others willing to cash-in on it. Speaking of Girls Gone Wild, its producer, Joe Francis, was given a slap on the wrist recently when accused of filming under-age girls nude for the porn industry. The Courts would rather prosecute him for tax-evasion.

The problem with chasing after sin is that there is never enough. There will never be a limit. People who start out on soft-core porn tend to move into hard-core and then to fetishism, all to maintain the shock factor. This situation is similar to that of the Israelites who moved into the Promised Land. The surrounding cultures had enticing religions and cultic practices, armor and chariots, kings and wealth. The Israelites began to whore after these things almost immediately after entering the land. They turned to fornication at pagan temples, orgies upon the hills, enslavement of their fellows, and seeking after kings to make themselves look more powerful.

In a twist, one of the people who was (rightly) held in esteem and would be honored by not only being mentioned in Scripture but allotted a share in the lineage of the Christ, was . . . a prostitute. Rahab was the famous woman of Jericho who hid the Israelite spies and protected them from harm. It was her act of righteousness before God that preserved her life and would lead, eventually, to the birth of the savior of humanity. While Scripture does not expressly state it, we may assume that she was converted to faith in Yahweh and began to worship as an Israelite. This is the image of the Gospel. A woman of sexual sin is converted and goes on to produce the Davidic line. The line of David (and Jesus) had very humble beginnings, indeed.

God still takes people who are caught in sin and turns them around. Our world, however, may never stop to take notice as it plunges, headlong, into the abyss. Those of us who are entrusted with the Word, must serve this sin-sick world and pray for those we see as monsters. The Lord has plans for each of them and we do not yet know what those plans may be. Today, I will be lifting Miss Dupre up to God and asking him to deliver her from bondage. Maybe her life may yet become a shining example; not of greed and sin, but of hope and salvation.

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