Sunday, March 2, 2008

Israel, Rise Up!

In the latest Israeli-Palestinian news, Israel launched a retaliative pre-dawn strike against the Hamas headquarters after finally having enough of the nearly constant mortar and Katyusha rocket attacks launched by Hamas from within the Gazan border. This retaliation has sparked international outcry.

Many feel that Israel's response is "disproportionate" and "excessive." Which country, I wonder, would not exhaust means at their disposal to remove deadly threats from within or near their borders (see Columbia's latest actions against FARC)? This response is not only hypocritical, but biased at its heart. What would these critics have Israel do? Give up more and more land to house dispossessed Arabs at the international community's (or the Palestinians') whim? Or fight a "fair war" of equal force and attrition (can Israel help that the men they are up against are untrained thugs)? Do they expect Israel to get caught in house to house fire-fights? Aren't these the exact reasons that the majority of U.S. citizens want our troops pulled out of Iraq?

I think there is something deeper at play. There is a pro-Arab, anti-Jewish bias resonating throughout the international political and media communities. Since Israel successfully defended itself in 1967 (without U.S. or other international aid), many countries and their media have acted as though there should have been another outcome.

I am not a Zionist, insofar as I don't believe the Israeli state is somehow more blessed by God than any other and I do believe that God's chosen people are represented by those who have believed the prophets and placed trust in the Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth, making them the true Jews. Yet I do believe that the U.S., France, and the U.K. have a responsibility to the state of Israel because we set aside land and formed the country after W.W. II. For the U.S. and France to have abandoned Israel at her moment of most dire need in 1967 was a shameful black spot on our record. For us to not back their decisions to defend themselves and their sovereignty today maintains that shame.

This is not a battle over land and a home for the dispossessed (as much as the Palestinians and other Arabs may claim), but over the very existence of the Israeli state. Remember that the primary goal of the Palestinian government (and a secondary goal for the other middle-eastern Arab states) is the utter destruction of Israel and all Jews. In my opinion, Israel should destroy her opposition in as risk-free an operation as possible and send the rest of the Palestinians to whichever Arab nation will accept them (if any will). Palestinians continue to be the thorn in the flesh of Israel and will continue to be as long as they endure. Israel, remember your forefathers and their thorn, the Canaanite pagans. Learn from their mistake.

UPDATE: Eight Jewish seminary students were killed when a lone Palestinian gunman walked onto campus and began firing. This came on a day of preparation for a Purim celebration at the school, so that many students were gathered. The gunman was killed by a seminary graduate who was also an Israeli Army officer. Israel has resumed peace talks and has no plans to stop after the incident. Hamas is claiming responsibility. Here are some pictures: warning, some are graphic.

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