Sunday, March 2, 2008

Communism In the Americas

Communism or, better put, Humanistic Socialism, is diametrically opposed both to Theism and to Capitalism, although for different reasons. Communism believes in an equality of the masses and therefore the masses should be payed equally. This notion of equality disregards human ambition and the noble desire to make conditions better. It also is an impossible system to regulate without corruption (at least so far). It also believes that faith in God or gods is an opiate used by governments to subjugate its people. Yet without God, both Capitalism and Socialism result in horrible man-against-man inequities.

Communism, with its humanistic bent, must be resource driven in order to survive because it does not focus on a merchant class or the building of private wealth to sustain the economy. Those Communist countries without much by way of resources (like Cuba) require outside assistance (U.S.S.R.) or face severe poverty. The only way to bolster their economy, then, is conquest. Just as the Soviet Union took over its neighbors and brought many other countries under its sway, so Venezuela (under Hugo Chavez) is poised to do likewise. Its first target is U.S. aided Columbia. Venezuela has been backing a Communist rebel group known as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC) that has routinely used terrorist tactics.

In a recent fatal strike on FARC's leader, the border-hopping Raul Reyes, the Colombian government was forced to stray into Ecuadorian territory. Ecuador was not apprised of the situation (this may have been purposeful as Ecuador may have been aiding Reyes as well). The result is that Hugo Chavez has begun to amass forces along the Venezuelan-Colombian border, and Ecuador is planning a similar build-up. Mr. Chavez is speaking of "liberating" Columbia and giving the U.S. a black eye.

The U.S. no longer has to worry about the Soviet Bear. We no longer fear nukes in Cuba. Chavez's army and air force is a joke to us. Why should we be cautious in supporting an ally (especially one that we need to prevent even more drugs from entering the U.S.)? America! Support your allies!

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