Friday, March 28, 2008

Approaching 1000 Hits!

Our humble Rabbit is poised to reach 1000 hits in the next week or so. I see this as some sort of little benchmark. Mostly, these hits have come from our faithful regulars (thank you), but lately we have been getting more and more fresh meat . . . er, greens.

It's true that I have been a little self-promoting lately, but it is more out of a desire to be useful, than just a desire to be listened to. I hope that it is evident that this little blog is meant to be a sort of ministry. Both to the public at large and to my fellows. I may never be able to really tell my fellow Christian brothers and sisters how much I love them, but it is my intention to present a safe place to discuss and debate our similarities and differences. A place where iron can sharpen iron (Pr. 27:17), and where we find as much unity as is possible, fleeing useless argument (2 Tim. 2:22-26).

So, as we hit 1000, I think I might celebrate, just a little, and eat a carrot. Thanks, everyone, for continuing to be my little audience and I pray that you might be edified, provoked to thought, and that you will feel free to disagree. I am sure that I am not right nearly as often as I think I am. =:}


Ben said...

Congrats on your benchmark! While I may not always comment, you can be sure you make me think. Cheers, Sasha

Steven Douglas said...

Thanks Sasha!