Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Theology Link

For those of you interested in theology and debates thereof, please check out this appropriately named site: http://www.debatingtheologicalissues.blogspot.com/ . I have written in to this blog under the nom de plume "Mathaetaes" (a transliteration meaning disciple in Koine Greek). There are many interesting subjects to discuss. The gentleman whom I have been debating on occasion, and respect highly, is dispensational in his theology. If that doesn't mean much to you, then you probably won't find much to disagree with. Those who are closer to the covenantal position, such as myself, have found things to disagree with. Yet, in end, we are brothers in Christ and must be careful to not let our differences blind us to unity through the Holy Spirit in the community of Christ. With that caveat presented, please enjoy his intriguing blog!

I would also like to get some feedback from my readers. Are you interested in a more theological blog, a more personal blog, or a mix similar to its present theme? Please let me know what you think through the comments link, as I am considering making some changes and leaving this as just a theological blog while creating a more personal blog that would be open to invited friends and family alone.

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