Saturday, February 2, 2008

Life's Ups and Downs and God's Faithfulness

And so the saga continues... My stint with the serving job has wrapped up for now. My school schedule became more clear and would limit my availabilty to work. We decided it was in our mutual best interest to stop the training. Jenny's time at Redtree has also come to an end. Our friend Josh is going to focus solely on the wedding photography aspect of the business. Jenny and I were worrying. . .and praying!

Out of the blue, I was contacted by another student who had heard of me through a mutual friend and who was starting up a landscaping company. He asked me what my qualifications were and pay demands. I assumed that it would not pan out, but, on the contrary, he offered me a job for the spring and summer. I have an interview on Monday for an overnight assembly position that should make ends meet in the mean time.

Jenny was also given a blessing. She has been interviewing with a series of businesses through a placement agency but nothing has been settled yet. She was given an opportunity to help a business get organized on a temporary basis (three weeks) while continuing the permanent job hunt. Please pray that she will find something within that time.

God has been faithful to us. He has never let us down. We, like most, would love stable jobs that work with our schedules give us plenty of vacation time and pay us a ton of money, but who really gets that? Every time the chips look down and we are on the brink of running out of money to pay the bills, God brings something our way. When I think of his faithfulness to us, I am reminded of George Mueller and his allowing his financial situations to be known only to God. God never let him down, either.

We must not think of God as some divine gift-giver, of course, but he is certainly faithful to his own, and I think he allows the looming threat of indebtedness in my life particularly because of my continuing struggles over desiring wealth. Imagine that, a pastor who wants to be rich! These times draw me to my knees and make me turn to him. I realize that the cattle on a thousand hills are his (and his alone). I do not serve men and I do not deserve any good thing. Rather, I serve a mighty God who owns everything and gives to each according to his good plan. To my shame, in having to be taught these lessons, I drag my wife along with me. That is what hurts the most. My desires and my actions affect others; those I love the most.

My request from you, my readers, is that you pray that I will not be stubborn, but quick to humble myself and learn the lessons God is teaching me. That I will always be transparent to other believers, and that I might be satisfied with little. I am, as always, eternally grateful to God for his faithfulness and the faithfulness of my brothers and sisters in Christ.

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