Monday, January 28, 2008

The New Semester Strikes Again!

Today I begin a new semester. Maybe if I repeat this line it will feel a little more real and a little less scary. My first class doesn't start until later this afternoon, but I still have to buy a few last books, some supplies, and organize a few last odds and ends before I will feel really "ready."

Really, it's not that bad. I am looking forward to this semester. I am taking a class on teaching methods, continuing the series on Systematic Theology, and furthering my understanding (or lack thereof) of the Biblical Hebrew language. Friends and family, please pray that I will do well and keep up this semester.

I have also started a new job as a server with an upscale American restaurant. Training is inconsistent and so things are not going all that well. Due to the seasonal nature of landscaping I have been finding myself routinely starting jobs and focusing on them just as my classes are starting up again. I really hope that I can finish up the training and get with the program at work so that the transition into my classes will be a little smoother. We'll see. I have been offered a couple other positions as well and so I will consider them as things develop further with the company I am at.

Jen is on the job hunt as well. She has enjoyed the position she has been in over the last several months, but due to a downsizing in the organization, her position is no longer required. She has an interview today. Please pray that they will see her capabilities and offer her lots of money! ;)

Both of us are feeling like we just want things to settle down into a routine. Neither of us enjoy change. I would like that magical and elusive job that I can work at throughout the year, make good money at, and do around my school schedule. Jenny would like something permanent that pays well.

Anyway, there are some things to pray for in there, and we would be glad to receive your prayer requests as well. Please send them via e-mail or on the comments section of this blog.

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