Thursday, January 24, 2008

Have you seen it? Have you heard?

Yes, I am speaking about the new MacBook Air. This thing is crazy. Compact, thirteen-inch screen, three-quarter inch width when closed. There are currently two versions; one with an eighty GB hard-drive, the other with a sixty-four GB flash memory drive (no moving parts). Both versions come with two GB of RAM and a dual-core processor. Drawbacks to the new, thin design is that the unit contains no internal DVD or Super Drive, no ethernet port, and only one USB port, requiring a hub to attach all the little gizmos that you'll need.

Mac has also taken a leap forward in "green-ness." The housing is all recyclable aluminum, the wires contain no PVC, and the next-generation LED display contains no mercury. It is altogether recyclable and landfill friendly. My hope is that all computer manufacturers will soon follow suit. Until then, lets all start buying Macs, shall we?

My next question is: David, how breakable is it? ;)

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