Tuesday, December 11, 2007

An Update

Sorry for not blogging lately, I have completed my semester, a gruelling one, and we made it up to Minnesota for Thanksgiving. I took some pictures, but forgot my camera up there. Then I got sick and have been recovering from that. Now, being the sucker for punishment that I am, I am taking a December term class, Apologetics in the Local Church. This meets all day, every day, for a week. We have papers, tests, and presentations, whew! So far it is a most interesting class and we have had lots of discussion about the practical nature of apologetics, preaching, and evangelism. I have been waiting for a class like this! I probably will not post again until after the course is finished. If I am unable to post until after Christmas, I want to wish all of you, friends, family, and random readers, a very merry Christmas. I would also like to urge you to stop and take stock of Christ's sacrifice for you. To our friends in the armed forces who will not be experiencing peace this Christmas season, we thank you for your sacrifice as well and want to let you know that we have not forgotten what you are fighting for.

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