Saturday, November 3, 2007


In Minneapolis, MN, we only get occasional sightings of Turkey Vultures. They usually stay outside of the city in more rural areas. I was always fascinated by these large, shy birds. Here in Louisville, KY, however, they are everywhere. We have a pair that nest in the park near the Seminary, which is perfect for them as it is near the Highway. Recently, I saw a Turkey Vulture on the ground near a roadside, picking at something. I wish I had had my camera.

I have also seen a Black Vulture, which we do not have in Minnesota. They are somewhat smaller, all black and gray. It was also on the ground, looking for roadkill. I find vultures to be interesting birds, with a balance of graceful beauty and abhorrant distgustingness. The above picture, which comes courtesy of the Vulture Society, features a Black Vulture, left, and two Turkey vultures, right.
Update: I drove past a state park today and saw approximately 40 Turkey Vultures circling around a cliff. I suppose this is an ideal location where they have relative isolation, a ready food supply (the highway), tall trees and cliffs for nesting and catching thermals for soaring.

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