Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Interesting View of the Numbers

As you may recall, I recently posted the cost of the War on Terror at approximately $400 Billion. A new study was released placing the figure at double that ($804 Billion). Now that also takes into account peripheral programs, relief, etc., but it still is far higher than previously thought. Now this study was released by Congressional Democrats and so we must take into account some political posturing. Included in the report were intangible costs, that is, things that have been disrupted, ostensibly, by the war. AP reports that these include: "interest payments on the money borrowed to pay for the wars, lost investment, the expense of long-term health care for injured veterans and the cost of oil market disruptions." With these taken into account, the total soars to over $1.6 Trillion.

A Question. How much of this would have been lost anyway, due to the 9/11 disaster and resulting economic slump? It surely wouldn't be $1.6 trillion, but not all of this can be blamed on the Bush administration. Besides, if a Democrat had been in office, we still would have gone to war, at least in Afghanistan. It would be nice if the political parties would stop showboating for the next elections and start working together to get us out of the mess.