Saturday, November 17, 2007

Costume Controversy Postpones Post

Julie Myers, the President's appointed director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement at Homeland Security, is under scrutiny over a costume at a Halloween party. The winner of a Homeland Security Halloween original costume competition, wearing an escaped prisoner outfit and wearing a dreadlock wig and black-face ... wasn't even her. She was only the co-judge of the contest. She says that she didn't even know that the winner wasn't black at the time. She has issued apologies, but Senate Democrats have argued that she performed a breech of public trust and showed a lapse in judgement.

Now isn't it interesting that this is surfacing weeks after the incident, just as her position is being voted on by the Senate, a year after President Bush gave her the position without Senate approval? It seems to me that, again, Liberals are using their bad blood with the President as an excuse to remove one of his appointees who, by all accounts, has had a stellar career and has made many positive changes in her department at Homeland Security. Also, I could understand some public consternation (but still not career review) if she was the party-goer in that costume, but she wasn't.

I suppose what makes me angry is that the Liberal public/Senators/etc. are willing to support French-styled politicians of their own party who are unfaithful to their wives (a la Clinton) but crucify members of the opposing party for mistakes or even non-issues such as this. Morality and faith goes out the window, but "judgement" must reign supreme. This sounds suspiciously like the rantings of Voltaire. But before we embrace our home-grown version of the French Revolution, let us remember the many thousands of French Christians who were sent to the guillotine for their faith which was not in line with the "will of the people."

Myers' mistake was not judging the costume competition, or choosing the person she did; it was doing anything public before her Senate review. Before we side with the Liberal Senate and Media, let us examine the facts and give people from both sides a break. They are fallen and sinful human beings trying to do a job, just like you and me. If they lack any kind of morals, they will make horrendous political decisions. If they have morals but have a fall, let us allow them to get back up, dust themselves off, and keep going. Just as we would have others do for us.

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